Monday, December 31, 2007

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Brides Against Breast Cancer

Brides Against Breast Cancer is a wonderful group created by the folks at Making Memories. Each year they have a wonderful gown sale featuring amazing designer dresses at even more amazing prices. Proceeds from the sale of these gowns goes towards winning the fight against breast cancer.
Volunteers are needed in every city from Seattle to Tampa. Kick-off beings Friday, January 11th in Seattle and runs until October 12th in Port Townsend, WA. Please visit their website for detailed information on the sale and also how to be a volunteer.
The Pink Envelope Project is also in conjunction with Making Memories. This group encourages donations through distribution of Pink Envelopes at your bridal shower, reception, and more. They will even provide you with the envelopes and instruction cards for your guests. Don't miss this oppurtunity to make a difference.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bridal Salons - What to expect when finding your dream gown!

-What You Should Expect From A Bridal Salon-

Many girls find themselves in a whole new world after becoming engaged. There are hundreds of bridal magazines, websites, and of course married friends and family to offer their opinions. As we know times have changed, and what worked for Aunt Edna in the 60's probably isn't going to work for you.
There is a huge difference between the "cookie cutter" bridal stores and full-service bridal salons. I know, I currently work in one. I've seen countless brides come into our salon after visiting a nameless "cookie cutter" complaining about lack of attention and concern for them. Sadly, these consultants are stretched to their limits by expecting to take care of multiple brides at one time. They are also pushed by managers to do whatever it takes to make the sale that day.
When stepping into a bridal salon, you should feel a difference in the air after visiting one of the above. While they may be smaller, they offer one-on-one attention which often requires an appointment but for good reason. A consultant will take the time to listen to your dreams for your gown, review photos with you, and allow you to pull dresses of your choice. They might have some ideas based on what you've said and grab those for you as well. They are educated on gown design, materials, and the designers they carry. More often than not, the designers in bridal salons are open to changes in their gowns. So your dream of having a sweetheart neckline on that v-neck dress can often times be a reality. These dresses are also custom ordered and are not off the rack. Turn-around time for these gowns are between 4-6 months so plan accordingly. Rushes can be added to orders but be prepared to pay a minimum of $200.

Full-service bridal salons also offer in-house alterations, accessories, and much more. Consultants will measure you on the spot after placing an order and review the designers size chart with you to choose the size that best fits your measurements. Some will house your gown until your wedding date at no additional cost as well as press your gown for free. Be sure to ask before buying!

Beware of bridal salons that include alterations in their pricing. Maybe your dress comes in and all you need is a bustle, which may only cost $150. ABC Bridal Salon added $500 to the cost of that dress shown on the tag to include alterations. You just cost yourself $350, which could help you hire a wedding coordinator or increase your floral budget!

Stay tuned for more tips on finding your wedding attire! Please leave comments and questions!


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Girls night at the movies!

Brides magazine is offering free screening passes for the upcoming movie "27 Dresses" starring Catherine Heigl.

After walking down the aisle 27 times as a bridesmaid, a young woman wrestles to stand by her sister who's marrying the man she's secretly in love with.

You must be 21 years of age or older (so you can enjoy the yummy cocktails!) and reside in Atlanta, Dallas, or New York. Tickets are limited to the first 250 people. The event takes place on January 10th, 2008. For more information and screening passes please visit

Have fun girls and let us know how it is!