Thursday, November 13, 2008

What to do about tattoos?

You're inked, and you're engaged. What to do about hiding your tattoo?

Many brides are often concerned about their tattoos when searching for the right wedding gown. You can still have the beautiful skin showing gown you've wanted and hide the tattoo.

Many make-up artists are now offering "tattoo camouflage," a service in which they apply a makeup type product over the tattoo to conceal it before a special event.

For those of you looking for an "over-the-counter" application, check into using Derma-blend. It has long been known as the perfect make-up for those with facial imperfections, scars, or tattoos. This stuff is AMAZING. You can purchase it online by going to, or at your local JCPenney or Dillards department store!

Bridal Gown of the Day

Carmela Sutera
Style #429
Carmela is one of my favorite designers! I'm sure I've raved about her before. They use the absolute finest in fabrics and French laces. All of their gowns are made in the United States, something that is very rare these days. While they are at a higher price point, you are paying for suberb quality and attention to detail.

This dress we've nicknamed "Audrey." It's VERY Audrey Hepburn like and so much fun for the willing, fashion forward bride. It's actually a raffia ballgown, with two grosgain ribbons on the bodice and a beautiful bow.

This style is around $4500.00.

Thank you!

Just wanted to say a BIG thank you to those of you reading and commenting on the blog. It's great to get some feedback and know that their are those of you out there who are checking out "What's Happening in Weddings."

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

-Tip #1-
If you're a bride on a budget or you're going for a more simple approach, consider purchasing a bridesmaids dress instead of the traditional gown. They make an abundance of sophisticated, simple, and beautiful dresses in a variety of colors including white and off-white. Theses dresses are great for beach and garden weddings and average about $200. Nobody would ever know!
-Tip #2-
Bridal salons are the busiest on the weekends so take a tip from me, if you want excellent service and devoted attention call ahead and make an appointment at least a few days in advance. So often great bridal salons have to turn away brides because they just can't handle having anyone else in the store. Don't let this be you!
-Tip #3-
Look for a certified wedding & event planner by checking websites like ABC (national) or WPCF (central florida only). In order to be a member of these groups you must take courses, pass exams, attend conferences, meetings, and assist in other weddings.
-Tip #4-
Don't expect to choose all of your vendors or even your wedding planner based on a trip to a local bridal expo. Be sure to collect business cards and take notes based on what has stuck out in your mind about each business booth you've visited. Then, schedule follow-up appointments to review in detail their portfolios and qualifications. This will help you narrow down your selections.
-Tip #5-
Keep in mind when shopping for your gown that many dresses can be modified and altered to your liking. If you prefer something strapless, straps can be removed and vice versa. Train too long? Trains can be modified on most dresses.
-Tip #6-
Please remember that the average time for delivery of a wedding gown is 6 months! Bridal party gowns take between 2 and 3 months so plan accordingly. Remember that while the dress will be ordered as close to your size as possible, alterations will still be neccessary and will require an additional 4-6 weeks time.
-Tip #7-
Have your eye on an amazingly beautiful cake but it's totally out of your price range? Talk with your baker about the possibility of using styrofoam! Bakers now can create the look of that equisite cake you have in mind with only a portion of it being edible. They usually make the bottom layer real cake for your cake-cutting ceremony, but have simple sheet cakes in the kitchen that are cut and served to guests. This eliminates a great deal of the cost and you're guest will never know the difference!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yucky favor alert!

Okay, okay...a bit dramatic I know. But, have you ever tasted one of these things? While these decorated cookies are BEAUTIFUL and whimsical, they taste HORRID! They are hard cookies decorated with hard icing and they can be quite expensive! My suggestion is just to avoid these all together, unless you can work with a local baker to make fresh sugar cookies that will be chewy and delicious!

To favor or not to favor...

...that is the question!

Ever go to a wedding and you walked away with a little trinket you looked twice at and wondered how much the bride and groom spent on this thing you will never use? Want this to be the same for your wedding? I didn't think so. It's tough to find something useful, but inexpensive. In this article, I'll show you a few ideas for a range of budgets.

Brownie Pops
$3.50 each, less homemade
These are adorable, yummy, and festive mini-brownie pops. These are for sale on the favor site, but could be made at home to save on cash. You can find round molds at a craft or baking store as well as the chocolate needed to make the coating and the lollipop sticks. These can be decorated with any theme, holiday, or even your monogram! Not an artist/cook? Enlist a close friend or family member who is and make them a special part of your special day!

Personalized mini oil and vinegar bottles
$5 each, less homemade

These are beautiful to look at and also something very useful for your guests. Oil & Vinegar bottles are used for decoration in kitchens but also as yummy dressings for salads and such. Why not incorporate a special recipe of yours and your fiance's own making by infusing them with different herbs and dried vegetables? You can also personalize them by printing labels with yours and your fiance's name as well as your wedding date. These are also for sale on beau-coup, but can also be easily made at home. Just purchase cute glass containers from a craft store or local kitchen supply store. Purchase the oil and vinegar from a warehouse club like Sam's or Costco. Have fun with it and use various shapes and sizes of bottles, unique to each guest!

Personalized CD's
Less than $1 a piece

What better way to give your guests a glimpse into your life by giving them an audio mix of your favorite songs as a couple? If your crafty on the computer, you can even step it up a notch by creating a DVD or CD slideshow of favorite pictures of you as a couple, set to a few good songs. Blank CD's & DVD's are so inexpensive now, and you can always find a good sale on them. Cases are also inexpensive and you can print your own labels from the comfort of your home! If you're feeling like you aren't creative enough, you can purchase custom labels from

Bridal Gown of the Day

Maggie Sottero "Aurielle"

One-piece, strapless, full A-line gown with lace-up closure. Grand in design, this style features a scalloped neckline and an asymmetrically draped bodice enriched with floral beaded embellishments. The dramatic back treatment is created by cascading draped bustles caught up with elegant beaded motifs.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bridal Gown of the Day

Oscar de la Renta
Style #10
Spring 2008
Oscar is a personal favorite of mine. This is a stunner that you probably have seen in many magazines. It is an "ivory embroidered strapless gown, framed in powder blue satin organza."
For more information on salons carrying this style near you, please visit

Alterations: What do I need to know?

Q & A on: Alterations

Does the purchase of my bridal gown include alterations?
-Not all salons or stores include alterations. Be sure to check with the store and review your contract. Always ask questions!

What if they include it in the price of my gown?
-While some stores do, it really isn't a good idea. Here's why...Say the dress costs $1500 including alterations. The TRUE cost of the dress could be just $1100. Say you only need a bustle and a hem done to the gown. This may cost you about $250. You've been charged $400 for alterations, when you only needed $250 worth. It's most always best to purchase a gown without them included.

The store I bought my gown from told me to start alterations already. I'm 4 months out from my wedding! Is this right?
-It isn't necessary to begin alterations this early. Your weight may fluxuate in the weeks and months leading up to your big day. Most professionals suggest making appointments 6-8 weeks out from your wedding date.

Haute hair accessories

One of my personal favorites for fabulous hair jewels and veils is designer, Sara Gabriel. One look at her collection and the following words come to mind: fresh, fabulous, vintage, couture.

Sara is a joy to work with, and during my time at Something Blue, I've had the honor of meeting her and her team from Colorado. Everything is totally custom and even personalized. One of my favorite veils is the one shown below, Grace.

What a fresh and fun concept! To incorporate your monogram into your veil not only makes a great statement but is quite timeless.

Another personal favorite of mine is called Wendy. It's so vintage!

Hard to tell from the sketch, but it's SUCH a stunner!

For more information on Sara's veils and accessories, visit her website at

It's Bridal Fashion Week!

It's that time of year again...time for all the best designers to showcase everything fresh and new for their 2009 collections.

One of our sources mentioned that strapless gowns are few and far between this season. Many are going for a portrait, off-shoulder style neckline. Gowns with more tradition in the front, but sleek and sexy in the back.

These gowns won't start hitting the stores until early next year, and pictures won't be available online for a few weeks.

Check back soon to view some of our favorites from NY Bridal Fashion Week!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bridal Gown of the Day

Moet by Matthew Christopher

Sparkling as a flute of champagne, this elegant silk satin organza dress is intoxicating! The strapless empire bodice and full trumpet skirt are adorned with sculptural, multidirectional bias strips. A triple overlay flutters down the modified chapel-length train, completed by covered buttons all down the back. Available in off-white, white.

This dress is absolutely STUNNING in person. Matthew's dresses are so flattering to the female figure. For more information, visit

Friday, October 10, 2008

Gown of the Day

After Six
style # 6532
This gown is actually a bridesmaid dress! It's a cost effective way of achieving a bridal gown look for a fraction of the cost. This is a great option for last minute weddings, destination weddings, or for second weddings. Bridesmaid styles most always come in white and/or ivory. The one above is shown in white with an ivory lace panel.

For more information, please visit
After Six's website.

Forget table numbers...

...they're so yesterday! Why not table cakes?
What a cute (and expensive!) idea. I have seen photos of a friends wedding where each table was given a cake that represented the bride and groom in a certain area of their lives. One was decorated with childhood photos of the groom, one the bride, one was themed in a favorite vacation spot of the couple, etc. This can prove to be very costly, however, it's a gorgeous and fun design element while also being a great conversation piece to get people moving around the room.
You may be able to use a dummy cake to offset the costs of mini-cakes at each table. What is a dummy cake you ask? A baker makes your wedding cake with only the bottom layer being edible. You cut into it as you normally would for pictures and such, but your guests feast off of sheet cakes in the back, or in this case...their individual cakes. The rest of the cake looks completely edible and is designed with fondant over styrofoam or other material.

Bridesmaid Dress of the Day

Alvina Valenta
Style # AV9847
color information and availability

Bridal Gown of the Day

Gown of the Day
Adele Wechsler "Natasha"
Natasha is part of Adele's "Eco-Couture" collection, "for the bride who cares about the world in which she lives."

Please visit Adele Wechsler's website for more information.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Questions? Let us help you answer them!

Is there a question that you can't seem to find and answer for? From etiquette to centerpieces, send us your question to and we'll feature it on a new blog post.

Day-of vs. Complete Coordination

A Belle Soiree offers both day-of packages as well as complete coordination. So how do you choose which one is right for you?

For the bride who has time on her side, we recommend our day-of packages. This provides little involvement until the actual day of the ceremony. Depending on which package you choose, we can make vendor recommendations, visit the ceremony and reception locations, and provide limited coverage on the day of your event. These packages are our most cost-effective and begin at $650.

If you are a busy bride with a job, kids, or just have a busy lifestyle than our complete coordination is best suited for you. We step in from day one and do it all. We assist in budget planning, interviewing vendors, making recommendations, finding locations, reviewing contracts, allow unlimited meetings, help with design aspects, and so much more. This is offered to brides with a budget of $20,000 or more and begins at $2,000.
For more information contact us at

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Which registry is right for you?

Registries have gone hi-tech and with the internet, it's easier than ever to spread the word about all of your wedding wants. While it's improper to include registry information with the invitations, having a wedding website and posting the information there is best. You can also spread the word in your bridal shower invitations, but leave the registry out of the wedding invites. We'll highlight many different registries in this post.
Department Stores
You've got your obvious choices that make gift-giving easy for all of your guests. Department stores offer everything from clothing, perfume, linens, dinnerware, hardware, appliances, and more.
Macy's Wedding Registry - Bloomingdales Wedding Registry - Sears Wedding Registry
Specialty Stores
For those of you looking for a particular favorite retailer or only interested in items from a specific store, here is the list for you.
Honeymoon Funds
The new trend among registries is using a honeymoon fund registry. Here, your guests can contribute money to your honeymoon fund or purchase individual items for you. Guests can purchase a champagne and strawberries reception, pay for a room upgrade, pay for shore excursions, and much more.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Donate your bridesmaid dress!

So we've talked about what to do with the bridal gown, now what about that bridesmaid dress crammed into the back of your closet that you're NEVER going to wear again? There's something for you girls too. It's called The Glass Slipper Project and it is based out of Chicago.
How does it work? There are plenty of girls who dream of their senior and junior proms but never have enough money to afford the perfect dress for them. This is where you come in! With your donation of your bridesmaid dress, you can help a girl make her wishes come true. This is a fabulous project that is always in need of great donations of dresses, garment bags, accessories, and makeup for these deserving girls.
For more information on how you can help, please visit:
Thanks for helping others!

What to do with the dress?

After the wedding...what to do with the dress???
You've spent so much time and not to mention money, getting the dress of your dreams. The big day has finally passed and now you're stuck with a gorgeous gown hanging in your closet. Gone are the days of saving the dress for your daughter to wear. Let's face it, times change and so does style. By the time your daughter grows up she might have grown out of the possibility of wearing your gown. We'll discuss a few ideas in this article.

Trash the Dress
I know, you're sitting there reading this thinking "What the HECK is she talking about!!!" Many
brides are opting to get the most out of their dress and their pictures by doing what photogs call a "Trash the Dress" shoot. This can be as simple as taking pictures in the ocean or as down and dirty as going mudding on a four wheeler in your couture creation. If you can imagine it, it can be done. It does make for some really fabulous and fun pictures that your friends and family will never stop talking about, but it's not for everyone. Don't fear though...depending on the fabric your gown consists of most can be cleaned even after a trash the dress session is all over with.

Donate It
Making Memories has a program entitled "Brides Against Breast Cancer." Throughout the year, donates dresses make their way across the nation and are put on sale for local brides in the area. All monies received from the sale of the gowns goes towards preventing and treating breast cancer. If you're interested in donating your gown to this amazing, worthwhile cause or even donating a few hours of your time to volunteer, please visit their website by clicking here:
Brides Against Breast Cancer-Making Memories

Preserve It
Even after reading our other suggestions, you still would like to preserve your gown...we understand! Just make sure you leave the preservation to trusted, certified professionals. We've heard stories of girls who opened their gowns years later to find nothing. This in fact happened to tv show host Leeza Gibbons! Did the dress disinegrate or did it never actually make it into the box? Who knows. One thing is for sure, you do not want this happening to you. Simply leaving it to hang in it's garment bag will destroy the dress due to harmful gases the bag emits. Talk with the bridal shop where you purchased the gown to find out if they have someone they work with directly.

Ciao for now!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Why hire a wedding consultant?

You've seen it done on television and you wonder if it's something worthwhile that you can afford? The choice to hire a wedding consultant is one that should be a part of your planning process from day one. In this article, I'll explain the benefits and things you should consider when choosing to hire someone to help you on your dream day.

There are so many out there, how do you choose the right one? Wedding consultants are special people with a love for the romance and intimacy of the celebration of one of the biggest days in someones life. They sometimes hold special certifications and memberships through organizations such as the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC), that require a certain level of proficiency. Most will offer complimentary consultations to learn more about you and to tell you about their company and their services. You should meet with a few consultants and pick the one you felt the greatest bond with.

Wedding Consultants spend a great deal of time networking and establishing strong relationships with quality vendors in your area. By doing this, they can attest to the finished products and ensure you not only great work but at a great price. Some consultants have special pricing worked out with vendors and pass the savings onto you.

Consultants help you in meeting with vendors, establishing a budget, creating timelines and schedules, payment of vendors, choosing a location, handling out of town guests, reviewing contracts, and most importantly they are there with you on your special day.

Some girls can handle most of the details themselves but are looking for someone to take control on the day of their wedding. This is often called day-of management. Most consultants will offer this service and may include it in a package. This is cost effective for the bride who needs minimal help. For brides needing help throughout the entire process, full coordination services is the best way to go. Full coordinating can cost you anywhere between 10%-15% of your total budget.

In short, it's best to leave the planning up to the professionals. What happens if your photographer quits the day before the wedding? Trust me, I've seen it happen. What if your cake gets demolished during delivery? All these things a consultant will know how to handle without causing you extra stress and worry on your big day.

Check the web for local bridal professional organizations that will refer you to qualified consultants. It helps to also stop into a bridal shop, cake baker, photographer, etc. to find out if they have reccommendations as well. Often times these vendors have worked with these consultants and can tell you first-hand just how they are.

Good luck and happy planning!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Best Wedding Reception Ever!

For those of you looking to make your reception a memorable party (who isn't?), I have a fantastic book for you! It's called The Best Wedding Reception Ever written by Merry Weddings, Inc. It has amazing ratings on and is written by a first class DJ/Entertainment company based out of California. The author Peter Merry, has been featured on many state morning tv shows and is a highly respected entertainer.

Sometimes brides can get so caught up in the perfect flowers, delicious meals, and scrumptious cake without thinking about the importance of the reception. Your reception should be a party, a grand celebration in honor of your new life with your new husband! This book gives you excellent ideas on how to get the party started with game ideas and more. It's really a must have for every bride. For more information on The Best Wedding Reception Ever, please visit their website at: Don't forget to check out their super fun blog as well. To purchase the book through Amazon, click below.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wedding Webbies: Party Supplies & Furniture Rentals

Hi everyone! For this weeks edition of the Wedding Webbies we feature three websites chosen by party planner guru David Tutera. We have two websites carrying an outstanding selection of party supplies for every occasion including prom, mardi gras, baby showers, and more. If you have chosen a theme for your wedding, this is a great place to garner some ideas or make a few purchases to get you going. The other site offers modern furniture rentals. Let's get started!

#1 Mod Prop offers a super fun selection of entertaining and interesting furniture rentals. They are located on Madison Avenue in New York and feature pieces such as chaise lounges, rugs, bars, and much more. They even have a section featuring classic cars!

#2 Shindigz
This is your one stop shop for your upcoming bash or special event. These guys have everything covered. They have over 38,000 supplies ranging from balloons, curtains, wall graphics, cardboard cutouts, arches, photo stand ins, and more. There isn't anything they don't have!

#3 Bulk Party Supplies
This site offers up to a 70% discount on items in their store. Their wedding collection includes aisle runners, buttons, koozies, and more. You do have to buy in bulk which can save you if you're purchasing an item being used for your bridal party or your entire guest list.

Many thanks to David Tutera who you can visit at

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Wedding Webbies #3 - Music -

For this edition of Wedding Webbies we'll focus on music for your ceremony & reception.

#1 The O'Neill Brothers
A personal favorite of mine and just about the only artist I recommend to my brides. They have amazingly beautiful piano music and their site allows you to preview each and every track. They currently have three wedding CD's that consist of two traditional CD's as well as a CD specifically for beach weddings! The track listing consists of traditional hymns, famous concertos, and popular music. Their site allows you to download individual tracks for just 99 cents each, download the CD online, or purchase it and have it shipped to you. Be sure to sign up for their e-mail list as they frequently do amazing offers like buy one, get one free and more!

#2 Wedding Music Central
This is a really great site that simply lays out each aspect of your wedding you'll need music for and which tracks are commonly used.

#3 Giving You the Rest of My Life
A CD full of Christian artists singing beautiful songs for your ceremony. Certain Churches do not allow secular music to be played, this CD is a great option for those who fall into that category.