Thursday, November 13, 2008

What to do about tattoos?

You're inked, and you're engaged. What to do about hiding your tattoo?

Many brides are often concerned about their tattoos when searching for the right wedding gown. You can still have the beautiful skin showing gown you've wanted and hide the tattoo.

Many make-up artists are now offering "tattoo camouflage," a service in which they apply a makeup type product over the tattoo to conceal it before a special event.

For those of you looking for an "over-the-counter" application, check into using Derma-blend. It has long been known as the perfect make-up for those with facial imperfections, scars, or tattoos. This stuff is AMAZING. You can purchase it online by going to, or at your local JCPenney or Dillards department store!


Anonymous said...

why cover up? she looks AMAZING!

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