Thursday, November 13, 2008

What to do about tattoos?

You're inked, and you're engaged. What to do about hiding your tattoo?

Many brides are often concerned about their tattoos when searching for the right wedding gown. You can still have the beautiful skin showing gown you've wanted and hide the tattoo.

Many make-up artists are now offering "tattoo camouflage," a service in which they apply a makeup type product over the tattoo to conceal it before a special event.

For those of you looking for an "over-the-counter" application, check into using Derma-blend. It has long been known as the perfect make-up for those with facial imperfections, scars, or tattoos. This stuff is AMAZING. You can purchase it online by going to, or at your local JCPenney or Dillards department store!

Bridal Gown of the Day

Carmela Sutera
Style #429
Carmela is one of my favorite designers! I'm sure I've raved about her before. They use the absolute finest in fabrics and French laces. All of their gowns are made in the United States, something that is very rare these days. While they are at a higher price point, you are paying for suberb quality and attention to detail.

This dress we've nicknamed "Audrey." It's VERY Audrey Hepburn like and so much fun for the willing, fashion forward bride. It's actually a raffia ballgown, with two grosgain ribbons on the bodice and a beautiful bow.

This style is around $4500.00.

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

-Tip #1-
If you're a bride on a budget or you're going for a more simple approach, consider purchasing a bridesmaids dress instead of the traditional gown. They make an abundance of sophisticated, simple, and beautiful dresses in a variety of colors including white and off-white. Theses dresses are great for beach and garden weddings and average about $200. Nobody would ever know!
-Tip #2-
Bridal salons are the busiest on the weekends so take a tip from me, if you want excellent service and devoted attention call ahead and make an appointment at least a few days in advance. So often great bridal salons have to turn away brides because they just can't handle having anyone else in the store. Don't let this be you!
-Tip #3-
Look for a certified wedding & event planner by checking websites like ABC (national) or WPCF (central florida only). In order to be a member of these groups you must take courses, pass exams, attend conferences, meetings, and assist in other weddings.
-Tip #4-
Don't expect to choose all of your vendors or even your wedding planner based on a trip to a local bridal expo. Be sure to collect business cards and take notes based on what has stuck out in your mind about each business booth you've visited. Then, schedule follow-up appointments to review in detail their portfolios and qualifications. This will help you narrow down your selections.
-Tip #5-
Keep in mind when shopping for your gown that many dresses can be modified and altered to your liking. If you prefer something strapless, straps can be removed and vice versa. Train too long? Trains can be modified on most dresses.
-Tip #6-
Please remember that the average time for delivery of a wedding gown is 6 months! Bridal party gowns take between 2 and 3 months so plan accordingly. Remember that while the dress will be ordered as close to your size as possible, alterations will still be neccessary and will require an additional 4-6 weeks time.
-Tip #7-
Have your eye on an amazingly beautiful cake but it's totally out of your price range? Talk with your baker about the possibility of using styrofoam! Bakers now can create the look of that equisite cake you have in mind with only a portion of it being edible. They usually make the bottom layer real cake for your cake-cutting ceremony, but have simple sheet cakes in the kitchen that are cut and served to guests. This eliminates a great deal of the cost and you're guest will never know the difference!